Marketing Green!

Many businesses these days are looking at how to reduce the environmental impact of their products and services, whilst capitalising on the public’s increased awareness of environmental issues.

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It is really important to understand how to stand out from this growing area of competition by demonstrating that this is an issue of substance and key priority for ethically led organisations, not just a marketing gimmick.

It is key you don’t make misleading, vague or false claims about the sustainability or environmental impact of the things you sell (known as greenwashing). You need to make sure you are open and honest about your claims and that they are backed up with evidence.

Don’t over egg the positive environmental impact of your product or service and also you must not imply that items are eco‑friendly through packaging and logos when this is not true.

As with any competitive claims – ‘greener’ or ‘friendlier’ must be justified

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Make sure when you promote your product you are clear and easy to understand and avoid using complex or jargon‑heavy language.
You need to be accurate and evidence based. This means giving the full picture and not just highlighting the eco‑friendly elements of your business.

How are you marketing your green credentials?

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