It’s time to act

Ⓑthe business the world needs

Maybe you didn’t expect to be the person responsible for world’s future…

…Well, cape on. it’s your time

Sustainability? – that’s you. 

Responsibility, diversity, community? – that’s you too

All whilst hitting the numbers,  

And then there’s making the change stick.

You need help to Ⓑthe business the world needs

Ⓑthe business the planet needs

Ⓑthe can help ..

We know you want to do the right thing. Maybe even become a fully fledged B Corporation – the gold standard for social and environmental performance.

After all, 76% of people want business to take the lead on change rather than waiting for government.

We’ve worked in large businesses and SMEs, we understand the huge challenges, the varied expectations, and the need to live your values. We also really understand Grocery and Retail!

We are proud to be a supporter of the Better Business Act Movement and are advocates of businesses moving towards the co-operative model and way of doing business!

And we’ve transformed brands and businesses, refined the business purpose, helped them create sustainable solutions, improved their profitability, all whilst always trying to make the right choices.

“Simon really helped to kickstart our BCorp journey.  He spent a lot of time guiding us through our ‘first pass’ at the Impact Assessment which was invaluable.  Since then, he has continued to offer encouragement and advice and he’s been very responsive to all my questions. It’s great to have someone we can seek clarity from as that has enabled us to keep moving forward in the process”

Ⓑthe business your people need

So what next?

Why not talk to us at Ⓑthe and have an informal chat about what’s involved? Then

  • Set up a risk-free review session
  • Allow us to create a plan for your business
  • We’ll show how we ensure team buy-in
  • And target B-Corp certification

Ⓑthe business your customers need

Still not sure?

Maybe you want to learn a bit more before talking to us. Ⓑthe  has a number of free resources, have a look around. 

Or maybe you want to understand what the fuss is about B-Corporations. We have written a simple guide. You can download a copy below.

We also run limited attendance boardroom session’s to discuss shared ESG issues with experts. If you would be interested in joining one of these why not register below.

Ⓑthe business your community needs

Together We Can Create a Better Future

Our aim?

To guide you and your business to a better future.

Purposeful and effective.

A smaller environmental footprint.

More involved teams.

An asset to your community.

Growing the pie for everyone. And ultimately become a B-Corp.

Ⓑthe difference the world needs

Some of the amazing companies we have worked with …

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