Meet our Founders

We are Ⓑthe, we are Joolz and Simon

Marketeers to the core, entrepreneurial in spirit and corporate rebels with a passion for doing the right thing.

Vastly experienced in building brands, encouraging business to understand the power and responsibility they play in shaping our world.

From looking after our communities and customers to protecting our planet and environment. From giving all our stakeholders a voice, to empowering our teams to make a difference.

This is important to us. This is why we left the comfort of our safe’ish corporate roles to help you be the better business the world needs!

What do we really value?

Ⓑthe is a Co-op. Everyone is paid the same. It’s in our articles of Association. We think this is the best way to ensure the risks and rewards are shared equally.

We also have a Net Zero target. We do as much as we can virtually, and travel by public transport whenever we can. But we are not hippies (although we do love a good campervan)  – we like adventurous targets, and we like to help businesses win.   

Joolz Linforth

  • Joolz is a change agent – an ex-corporate girl, with over 30 years of senior sales and marketing leadership experience. A ‘breath of fresh air’, she delivers the big picture and creative thinking needed. She is totally people oriented, whilst being able to remain focused on the bottom line.
  • Effectively coaching and mobilising people and business resources to adapt, change and progress, Joolz is entrepreneurial to the core, with a breadth of experience and skills and a strong desire to do the right thing, matched with over 10 years running her own business.
  • She is a qualified MBTI personality practitioner, as well as a Master NLP, Hypnotherapy and TimeLine Therapy Coach.
  • Sector experience includes: Public transport (Director), Soft Drinks, Biscuits, Food Service, Household cleaning products, Grocery Retail, Wholesale and cash and carry.

Simon Hawkes

  • Simon is the process guy – with over 30 years of marketing leadership experience. He’s also good at the big picture, and even better at working out how to get there. Simon will ensure you have a solid platform of data, analysis and process flow, from which to make your big leap forward.
  • He gets into the detail and the data, works out what is needed to deliver to necessary change, and deliver the results. He will make sure all the metrics are in place to make sure together we achieve the right outcomes.
  • Simon is our B Leader, trained to work with companies who wish to become certified B-Corps
  • Sector experience: Home appliances (Director), Soft Drinks, Cakes, Breakfast Cereals, Household Paper (Director), Frozen Food, Grocery Retail.

The amazing companies we have worked with…

We have worked with

“Simon really helped to kickstart our BCorp journey.  He spent a lot of time guiding us through our ‘first pass’ at the Impact Assessment which was invaluable.  Since then, he has continued to offer encouragement and advice and he’s been very responsive to all my questions. It’s great to have someone we can seek clarity from as that has enabled us to keep moving forward in the process”

Then there’s our talented team …

We have an talented team of Colleagues, Associates and creatives, as required, who all bring their area of expertise. We create and support the team you need to become the business you want to be!

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