The Ⓑthe Approach

We have a simple 5 stage process we follow, when we come in and help you develop your Better Business Strategy. The actual deliverables will vary from business to business based on your individual business needs and requirements.

That support will come in all shapes and forms but may include;

  • Sustainable business/marketing/brand strategy, including
    • Review of current plans
    • Brand and business models to guide future developments
    • Product, category and communication strategies
    • Internal communications plan
    • Stakeholder communication
  • Implementing change – processes to ensure you take your people with you, including
    • One to one coaching of key individuals
    • Mentoring a team
    • Delivering a full people plan for a change project
    • Creating and implementing HR plans and paperwork to support change
  • Becoming a B-Corp – from assessing where you are to certifying
  • Support and coaching for change at all levels of the business

The process is simple, but the outputs are so powerful!

With any project the starting point is key – where do you want to be, and realistically, where are you now.

Questions we ask include

  • Lets (re) discover the purpose of the business – why does it exist, what does it do better than anyone else?
  • Review business/brand goals – specific, achievable, realistic?
  • Assess how integrated department strategies are in business strategy
  • Determine where the business is versus the stated goals
  • What are the real needs of key stakeholders – colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders and local community
  • Change readiness assessment for leadership and sample of team members

So now we know the before and after what do the do?

  • Restate the clear goals of where we want to be – short/mid/long term
  • Make clear the gaps vs current reality, area by area
  • Propose specific actions for closing the gap
  • Propose and agree the process for moving from current state to new state, which might include
    • construction of Brand model for the business
    • Identification of potential team ‘champions’ to represent stakeholders
    • The role of internal  communications, and external communications by stage
  • Necessary ‘sell-in’ documents to achieve senior level buy-in

Once the task is agreed, then we have to sell it into the wider organisation. This stage is often missed, leading to top down instruction, rather than a ‘hearts and minds’ adoption of the way forward. We look at…

  • Set up project hubs and access
  • Brief the organisation
    • Background – the need to accelerate change
    • Goals vs current state, and overall Time Objective
    • That it’s a ‘one team’ effort
    • In and out of scope
    • Include change readiness feedback
  • Can include (dependent on scale of project)
    • Coaching kick off
    • Appointment of Champions set up sub-Team(s) to plan and deliver change in specific areas

Project processes designed, improved and agreed – including meeting calendar, paperwork, impact on normal work, meeting rules, Escalation processes, how to maintain momentum

the can you deliver change in your business via

  • Active management of the process
    • Helping client leadership keep momentum going
    • Problem solving and fire-fighting
    • Killing cul de sacs, curtailing hobbying, encouraging great behaviours
  • Coaching
  • Project delivery
    • Detailed management of necessary changes by agreed deadline
    • Certifications agreed and applied for
    • Process documentation
    • Identification of associated business documents that need change (e.g. job descriptions, job adverts, Linked In page, ways of working, employee handbook, key sections in end of year report)
  • External communication plan created and implemented
  • Internal communication plan in place
  • Ongoing internal communication plan to ‘Keep it going’ created and implemented
  • Internal ‘Keep it going’ reviews plan in place
  • Set up ‘check-in’ meetings with CEO/Sponsors and ley team members
  • Periodic audits to test process change
  • If required briefings on relevant environmental changes

We are passionate about helping you change your business, for the better.

Ultimately we would like to help you become a B-Corporation

And there are plenty of good things to be achieved on that journey, transforming your business into one that is more sustainable, more responsible, more compassionate, and, yes, more successful

Why Make the Change?

Yes, you will get a good feeling. Your team will feel more motivated. You will become part of a club of businesses doing the right thing and ultimately it will help your business thrive. 

The statistics show that businesses with an ethical edge, with a genuine purpose, are more profitable, more resilient and more successful over the long term. It’s a genuine win/win/win/win/win.

Looking after all, stakeholders, actually helps you look after shareholders.

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